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Easy to Use

AccuFooting braces are more than just a rebar hangers…

  • Establish form board spacing
  • Supports and stabilizes form boards
  • Holds rebar vertically and laterally in place
  • Code compliant installation
  • No cleats or fastening necessary
  • Eliminates dobies, wire chairs and wire ties
Accufooting Concrete Form Braces Benefits

30%-50% Time Savings

AccuFooting braces enable an efficient one-man forming system.

  • Rebar placement is accurate, pre-spaced notches (no wire ties needed).
  • Clean open top footing which allows faster concrete placement and screed times.
  • Snap wall-lines permanently in wet mud preventing loss of line due to weather and foot traffic.
  • No cleat boards are necessary, therefore nothing extra to strip. Just remove the AccuFooting tabs.
Accufooting Concrete Form Braces Benefits


AccuFooting saves you money by cutting down on waste and labor costs.

  • AccuFooting reduces excessive concrete waste and splatter because you do not need top cleats.
  • Saves labor time in forming, pouring and stripping.
  • The ridged dimension of the AccuFooting eliminates measurement errors.
  • Keeps rebar clean.
  • Complete concrete forming system which provides faster forming times and accurate rebar placement.
  • Allows management and inspectors peace of mind to know rebar is placed correctly.

People say good things about AccuFooting concrete forming system:

Building Official:
"AccuFooting addresses the number one concern of a building inspector on footing inspections – steel placement."

Building Inspector:
"Dobies and wire chairs can get knocked over during bar placement or as concrete is placed – AccuFooting assures that the rebar will stay where it should be throughout the process."

Building Inspector:
"When steel is placed directly into the AccuFooting it remains cleaner rather than getting laid in the dirt then lifted into position. There is less worry about steel getting dirty or getting form release oil on it and compromising its bond to the concrete."

Building Official:
"Inspection time is shorter and I have more confidence that the steel will be properly placed. I don’t have to look at every piece of steel just primarily look at the joints and transitions."

General Contractor:
"Speeds up every aspect of the job from forming, pouring, screeding, and stripping the forms.
Quick and easy – just layout your outer form boards and snap the AccuFooting in place and you’re ready to go. No having to use screws, nails, boards or mess with measuring widths…
Easy to screed around – leaves a nice clean centerline for snapping the wall lines and placing the verticals.
Easy to use all around – I will definitely use these again."

Forming crew member:
"Quick and easy to work with – made the whole process more accurate and faster.
I like the system…"