How many boxes do I need?

Each box contains 36 Accufooting braces, regardless of size (16” - 24” forms). One box will be enough for approximately 200 lineal feet.

How far do I space them out?

Space out the Accufooting brace approximately 6 feet apart - you can drive wood or steel stakes near Accufooting. (#4 rebar sags beyond six feet)

What size of rebar do I use?

Consult your local building codes. Typical #4 or 1/2” rebar is specified. See enclosed concrete codes information sheet in each box.

What about corners?

Place one Accufooting brace at each corner and lay out spacing approximately 6 feet from there.

Do I have to nail the Accufooting braces?

It is an option, but not recommended. If you need to nail just tack the nail. It makes it easier to strip form boards.

How do I strip the Accufooting Brace?

Pull up or hit the outside ear of the Accufooting with a hammer to break tabs. Be sure to wear safety glasses.