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The AccuFooting speeds up my forming and stripping time. I use ICF block walls and with the AccuFooting I don’t have to strip the footings before setting my walls. The Inspectors love it and I love it!

Used the 16” bracket. This worked just like it was designed too. Clipped onto the top of the form frame and held the rebar in place for the concrete. I know the rebar is elevated correctly now!

My inspectors comment on the design and especially the orange color. They like how the brackets stand out, easy to see the spacing and saddles for the rebar. When the inspector arrives at the site they are pleased to see the hangers and looking to sign the permit. The...

When the Inspectors arrive at the job site they see the AccuFooting brackets and know the job is done right. They say the bright orange color makes the rebar stand out and the layout of the work is clean and professional.

Thank you for introducing our company to AccuFooting. It seems like such an obvious invention and yet this is the first time we have seen anything of its kind. As a small builder in Seattle of new construction single-family homes, we look for ways we can enhance our...